Courage - an Art Project

The exhibition "Courage" was on display at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg from February 10th - 16th. Since September 2008, a total of 80 students from 13 schools used their gestaltBildung sketchbooks to collect ideas about courage. On several weekends the students gathered for practical team workshops to let their creative instincts run wild. The exhibition showed the fruits of their labors. Opening night on February 20th was graced by a large turnout who came to see the sketchbooks and roughly 20 art projects the students had created.

The range of projects was as broad as the term courage itself. The pieces included a 4 x 5 meter collage, paintings, drawings, photography, physical installations and sculpture. The students spent an invigorating if also exhausting time exploring and creating while gaining practical experience. They approached the topic of courage from many angles and caught glimpses along the way of what it might mean to work in the creative industry.

Now that we have brought another successful project to completion we feel encouraged ourselves, that the gestaltBildung initiative enables us to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

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