The gestaltBildung initiative would like to show how creativity makes the world go 'round: courageous, remarkable and genuine. Good ideas and successful projects need to be shown and so we've decided to start showing selected work that fits the bill. Whether the results of a workshop, thesis or guerilla tactic, we're always looking for recommendations. Please send them our way by directing email to

TF3 49°46´N 9°55´O – this mysterious code represents three students of the college of applied sciences in Wuerzburg. Karoline Grebe, Agnes Wanat and Martin Cymorek selected a topic for their thesis that encourages an integrated society. The three budding designers titled their thesis "Identification of Negative Social Conditions and Strategies for Their Resolution." gestaltBildung says: GREAT! Task Force 3 is proactive and knows how to leverage partner organizations to get ahead on things that matter.

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